Why Dive into a Cenote?

This is a question often asked by people who have never taken the plunge into the crystal clear waters of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula cenotes and being that cave diving is considered one of the most dangerous sports on the planet….. we should have a good look at the reasons they should not be missed!

The stunning cenotes were designed by nature over thousands of years leaving reminiscences of the past. Taking the plunge whether it is snorkeling, free diving, scuba or tec diving will let you explore the hidden underwater realm finding stalactites hanging free from the ceiling, stalagmites rising from the floor as if they are trying to climb as high as they can. Swimming through a few passages to reveal hidden shafts of light beaming down as if that spot it hits was the only place you have to look.

A truly magical place where light bends, bounces, creating amazing visual effects in the water. Sea and fresh water mixing creating the hazy crazy halocline which is fun to drop or swim through. We had a few divers recently who took the time to explore with our fully trained guides and everybody came back smiling. How could you not! Your seeing something that only a handful of people will ever have the chance of seeing! Almost all of your divers come back for more, “we loved it,” “I can’t believe what I am seeing,” “I didn’t think I would love it so much,” “can’t believe everybody doesn’t do this,” are just a handful of comments that we hear most days. Don’t you want to see what all the fuss is about……

We love the intricacies of the challenge to safely navigate the cave system, using the proper trim, propulsion, buoyancy control and safety protocols all in order to have an exciting dive which you can surface and walk away from.

The cenotes, cavern side, can be explored by any competent diver from Open Water and up. We have to warn you though, once you have dived the cavern portion, it is truly addictive and the cave training will probably follow, allowing you to explore even more of the underground Yucatan.

So those are some pretty good reasons, take the plunge on a 100% guided cenote tour,
come join us, we dive everyday!



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