Top 10 Reasons to Dive Cenotes

Why would you go to the cenotes, when you could just go to the ocean? In the cenotes you won’t find a coral reef or the colorful fish that you can see in the ocean. The cenotes offer a different sort beauty and mystique. These cenotes (or sacred wells) have been popular for over thousands of years and they are attracting thousands every day. These are the top 10 reasons that cenote diving is a must for every visitor in Mexico.

1. Priceless archeologic value:

The cenotes were formed over thousands of years. They are important to the Mayan culture, where the Maya connected with their gods, participated in rituals and even lived inside. For that reason, we can still find some of their heritage.

2. Light effects

The visual effects make for a spectacular light shows for some of the best underwater pictures. From large pillars of sunray, to haloclines, gas clouds, different coloring due to algae bloom and tannic acids.

3. Visibility

The visibility is as far as the light can reach. Crystal clear and truly unparalleled, see for yourself.

4. Halocline

When fresh water and salt water coming together it is like a mirage in the desert. Not only visual but also temperature, density and the light changes.

5. Decoration

The abundance of features in the cenotes, with amazing views. If you didn’t know better, it feels even artificial. Decorations such as stalagmites, stalactites, rim dams, flowstones, columns, soda straws and many more.

6. Swim throughs

Passing a swim through is a lot of fun! There are countless passages to explore. Lucky enough, we are home to the largest underground rivers in the world.

7. Unique wildlife

Some species can only be seen in the cenotes. While it doesn’t match the color or variety, it is a unique way studying the evolution with our own eyes (unlike the blind cave fish).

8. Logistics

Just a stone-throw away from our facility and you made it to the cenotes. It couldn’t be any more convenient. You don’t have to depend on the weather much, since this is stable at the cenote and no boats are getting cancelled to make your experience count.

9. Jungle surroundings

Part of the mystery of the cenotes is the location. Often hidden in the jungle with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Surrounded by tropical trees, monkeys watching from above and vines hanging over the water.

10. Fresh water

How cool is it, that you don’t have to rinse the salt water off your gear immediately before it dries. The fresh water is always at the surface of the cenote and is full of minerals, with a comfortable temperature.

Remember these are just the top 10, but no words or pictures can replace the real experience.
You just have to go out there explore for yourself!



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