Flying over the cenotes, is a new way to see things clearly
Martijn Thomassen

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Some of the most spectacular trips are waiting for you in the jungle. Snorkeling is great way to discover the mesmerizing mystical charm of the sacred Maya wells (cenotes). Surrounded by tropical trees, vines and variety of fauna. The conditions are excellent, due to shallow depth, amazing visibility and nice temperatures in crystal clear fresh water.

Treat yourself to fun and relaxing times with our personalized snorkeling tours. Your comfort and safety will always be our priority! Your guide will ensure you will enjoy the beauty of the cenote firsthand.

Don’t miss out and join us on our guided tours or skin diving programs!

Snorkel Tour – One Cenote

Snorkel Tour – Two Cenotes

Three Days Snorkel Package – Two Cenotes

Skin Diving


Explore Mexico’s Ancient Cenotes
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