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The best way to observe the blue is to dive and become a part of it
Jacques Cousteau

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Cenote Diving

Spend some time in the magical Maya Blue cenotes, now that you’re here. So, you don’t regret it afterwards! Because the diving is nothing less than top-class, offering a gateway to see the subterranean realm.

During our scuba tours you will have the privilege to get a closer look to the underground network with the shafts of sunray revealing the ancient secrets of the past cultures.

If you haven’t been diving for a while and don’t want to miss out just doing skills. With our refreshers you will have the best of both, we’ll get you comfortable and up-to-date while seeing the cenote at the same time.

Maybe you want to know what it is to gracefully dive through the water under full control to enjoy your dives even more. Stay inspired by combining to refine your skills with our cenote excursions.

Explore with our superior tours by professional instructors and certified cave guides, to ensure your safety.

We hope you will be a part of the Maya Blue Dive community. Please join us on our guided tours or training programs!

Cavern Tour – One Cenote

Cavern Tour – Two Cenotes

Advanced Cavern Tour – Two Cenotes

Three Days Cavern Package – Two Cenotes

Three Days Advanced Cavern Package – Three Cenotes

Five Days Cavern Package – Two Cenotes

Five Days Advanced Cavern Package – Three Cenotes

Refresher – Two Cenote Tours

Buoyancy Specialist – Two Cenote Tours


Explore Mexico’s Ancient Cenotes
With Maya Blue Dive Center



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