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Who doesn’t like exploring new magical places? Capture your passion, from the impressive large pillars of sunray breaking the water, to the little critters hiding under the decorated limestone formation.

We hope you get inspired and share your memories with us.

Dive back in time

Beautiful refreshing dive in the underwater realm, took us back to in time. No more concerns or worries, just letting go to the imagination. Admiring the stalactites hanging and wondering how long it took to form stalagmites by just rain dripping through at one time dry passages.

To make it complete we were privileged enough to see a fossil on the end of our excursion.

Twilight zone

You have to see it to believe it. As we descend from the freshwater, with clear view we see a bit deeper an oasis like you see in the desert, but underwater. Once you’ll go through you feel the warmth increasing diving into a twilight zone now with surrounding salt water.

It is an unreal sensation of visual effects, temperature changes and even in buoyancy you must deflate instead of inflating as your descending. Although pictures cannot be described in one word, this experience cannot be replaced by any amount of pictures.

Video – Underwater mansion with new rooms

Driven by our curiosity we venture from the cenote through a passage, as if from the gate through a decorated hallway. The stalagmites and stalactites are like pillars of a cathedral. The light slowly fades away, while another light in the distance getting brighter. Lighting up as candles in another chamber to explore the Batcave that lies out there.

Video – Flying through the clouds

We all wondered what it is to fly. Experiencing the feeling of weightlessness, no more gravity pushing down on our shoulders. Diving over the clouds of hydrogen sulfide (formed by oxidation process of organic compounds). While this can be poisonous above the surface, underwater this is no issue and a lot of fun! Surrounded treetops (yes big branches of tree underwater sticking out of these clouds), feels like taking a magic carpet ride.

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