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Open the gates to a healthy and exciting lifestyle!

Want to know what it is to dive in the purest form without bringing heavy gear, just enjoy the freedom of diving? Free from heavy equipment and the outside world. Just learn how to relax and enjoy while going up to 16 meters on a single breath?

After the Freediver course, you’ll receive not only the certification but more important the knowledge and skills to do this.

Imagine yourself to move like a fish in a complete natural way. A completely new feeling to explore the depths underwater. No more loud breathing noises allow you to see the aquatic life even closer than with regular scuba!

Don’t think it’s the same as snorkeling or skin diving. With freediving you’ll learn the theory and skills to adapt by using the right techniques to go in a safe and controlled way beyond any limits that snorkeling and skin diving has to offer.

The possibilities of freediving are endless, if you want to go for a healthier lifestyle while getting more and more confident with every step of the way. Or maybe you just want to see what the sea has to offer and get a close look. After the Freediver course there are many forms of freediving that you can enjoy for a lifetime!


Group Size

1-4 Persons

Learn your true potential

We’re proud to say we can offer this program for different organizations that you can choose from: PADI, SSI and AIDA.

Together we are certain to reach a higher level of top safety standards.

The Freediver course starts with an in-depth knowledge development.

This will cover safety, techniques, physiology, equipment and awareness.

Once you have a good understanding of the theory, we will have a thorough briefing and presentation at Maya Blue concerning skills and buddy-procedures, safety, cenote regulation, history and points of interest.

You will practice dry and confined static apnea at one of our beautiful cenotes.

With the knowledge you have and the right techniques you’ll notice that it’s easy to surpass our goal of 90 seconds breath hold.

We will continue with finetuning our finning techniques and streamlining during the dynamic apnea.

You will master to swim at least 25 meters underwater and learn how to assist your buddy.

During the open water sessions, we will go for depth for 10 to 16 meters. You will learn both free immersion as well as constant weight.

Afterwards, we will put all your knowledge and new skills to the test to confidently explore and enjoy the cenote.


  • 3 Days freediving instruction
  • E-learning
  • Transportation
  • 2 Lunch during visit to cenotes
  • Water
  • Certification
  • VAT


  • Entrance fee
  • Equipment
  • Towel
  • Dive light
  • Freedive computer
  • Rash guard or wetsuit
  • Personal expenses

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