Environmental Commitment

The blue magic of the cenotes keeps us all connected: the Maya, the underground rivers, and our passion
Martijn Thomassen

We believe that we are very privileged to admire the beauty of the cenotes, that formed over thousands of years. This comes with a responsibility to make sure after another thousands of years others will still be able to see the same natural wonders. We know we must do our part now to keep our legacy blue.

  • Physical Cave Protection: We assist with the physical protection of features within specific cenotes. We mark routes to ensure not causing damage to fragile areas and archeologic remains will stay undisturbed.
  • Water purifying: We use natural water that we purify on a daily base.
  • Recycling: We recycle our waste responsibly.
  • Minimized footprint: We minimize our footprint, by adhering to the highest level of standards for our staff and our students to protect the cenotes. We safeguard that on every visit we will not leave anything behind.
  • Biodegradable products: We choose biodegradable products whenever possible. From the sunscreen and insect repellant to even cups and spoons in our Bathouse café.

  • Aware support: We are member of Project Aware, which is an organization with mission to protect our environment.
  • Respect relationships: We treasure good relationships with landowners of the cenotes.
  • Thorough briefings: In all of our activities we educate our guests how to protect our environment.
  • Publications: Through articles, our blog <Blog> and our newsletter The Maya Blue Times we create awareness and make recommendations how any person can already contribute.
  • Active involved staff: Our staff will always be at the forefront of conserving our cenotes, since this is what we live for. Through clean-ups during dives, specifying routes, educate others and set a sustainable role model.

Leave only bubbles, take only memories and kill nothing but time.


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