7 Funny Barista Facts, That May Surprise Even You!

We coffee lovers drink coffee a lot of coffee, but probably never thought about these funny facts below:

  1. Coffee beans aren’t actually beans. They are a pit of a coffee fruit.
  2. Coffee waste can become a new car fuel. Specifically, it could be extracted oil from and turn into Biodiesel according to Shell.
  3. The webcam is invented because of coffee. At the Cambridge University in England their scientist run on daily coffee. To make sure the coffeepot didn’t run out they invented the webcam to keep an eye out on the coffee levels not getting low.
  4. Coffee is the second most traded product in the world. Just after another source of fuel petroleum.
  5. In Turkey there use to be a law that stated if a husband can’t provide his wife with enough coffee, she can get a divorce.
  6. The most expensive coffee is Black Ivory coffee, with an average price of $ 1800 USD per kilogram. The coffee is produced from partial digested feaces of an South-East Asian elephant.
  7. Drinking coffee is more healthy than harmful. Although often thought the other way around. Read more


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