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Welcome to Maya Blue, your gateway to a whole new dimension! No matter what your interest, we have something for everyone. If you haven’t been in the water for a while or want to explore your very first cenote? No worries, we have elite-instructors committed to the highest industry standards to ensure superior training and guiding.

Maya Blue specializes in exploring cenotes. Here, we are down to earth with high commitment to inspire and fulfill curiosity.

Maya Blue offers daily tours and exceptional training in snorkeling, freediving or cavern diving. We include thorough orientations, background of the cenote, regulations and techniques.

We want to make sure you’ll have a thorough understanding what you’re looking at so you will enjoy the cenote experience even more.

All our tours are always personalized to ensure you make the most of your visit! Your safety and comfort will come first and foremost.

Our facility is provided with the latest cutting-edge equipment of high-quality brands and always well maintained. We have our purpose-built facility specially designed for a wide range of cenote expeditions. We have outstanding logistics and are conveniently located in the heart of cave country.

We hope you’ll join the Maya Blue community to create some memorable experiences together!

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Exploring the beauty of the cenotes is a life-changing experience. We are home to the greatest number of caverns and caves in the world and for many to visit Mexico. The cenotes are waiting for you deep in the jungle. There you will discover the secret underworld of turquoise pools where the Maya lived and truly connected. Cenotes are natural swimming holes with crystal clear and mineral rich fresh waters.

At these hidden locations you will be treated to stunning light effects, decorated rooms, and even (occasionally) marine fossils. You can easily spend a day, week or even a month with every time a unique experience.


Flying over the cenotes, is a new way to see things clearly

Some of the most spectacular trips are waiting for you in the jungle. Snorkeling is great way to discover the mystical charm of the sacred Maya wells (cenotes). The conditions are excellent, due to shallow depth, amazing visibility and nice temperatures in crystal clear fresh water.

Treat yourself to fun and relaxing times with our personalized snorkeling tours.



Curiosity is the habit that all great explorers have in common, to get to the next level

Freediving is one of the world’s fastest growing sports. It’s the most natural way of exploring the cenotes. Free yourself from all the gear, live a healthy natural lifestyle and enjoy the beauty and the silence of the underwater realm.

While freediving is a relaxing, safe and fun challenge, it requires the right attitude skills and awareness of both body and mind.


Cenote Diving

The best way to observe the blue is to dive and become a part of it

Spend some time in the magical Maya Blue cenotes, now that you’re here. So, you don’t regret it afterwards! Because the diving is nothing less than top-class, offering a gateway to see the subterranean realm.

During our scuba tours you will have the privilege to get a closer look to the underground network and the shafts of sunray opening up, revealing the ancient secrets


Bathouse Cafe

The Bathouse Café runs on passion, people and a whole lot of coffee

What is better than to start your day with a fresh cup of coffee. As coffee lovers, we know how hard it can be to find fresh quality coffee, and we don’t want to let you down.

At Bathouse Café we don’t only offer carefully selected coffee, but also a wide range of other delicacies. If the cenotes didn’t leave you in Awe, that we do.


Retail Shop

Explore your environment means exploring your gear

Since your experience is only as good as your gear allows it to be. That’s why we believe in the right support for reaching your goals. Whether it’s for snorkeling, freediving or scuba we have something for everyone.

At our Retail Shop you can choose from our vast selection of comfortable and above all reliable products VanityGen downloading. We make every effort to offer you superior brands at attractive prices.


Maya Blue Restaurant & Bar

Food tastes better when you’re diving

Your cenote experience wouldn’t be complete without the right nutrition. It’s the worst feeling spending time in an amazing cenote, while on an empty stomach.

Maya Blue Restaurant & Bar offers fresh and healthy options made especially for our divers how to buy followers in facebook. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and take-away in a casual friendly atmosphere, just minutes away from the cenotes.

Maya Blue, made for divers like you.



Prepare For Your Cenote Experience

So, you want to see the cenotes firsthand. Know before you go that all cenote exploration involves some preparation. To help you prepare, we developed some quick and easy steps.


What’s a good time to go?


Book your Dives

Find the best deals


Find your Accommodation

Make yourself comfortable


Equipment Checklist

What should you bring?



Find what you need



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